Storrs Architect, P.A. is a family owned architectural firm specializing in high end custom residential and small scale commercial projects located in Fort Lauderdale. Catering to residents of South Florida since 1983, we have established a reputation for excellence in design and expertise. As one of the leading family owned and operated architectural firms in South Florida, we take immense pride in the community we live in and serve.

We place high value in designs that serve our clients and our priority is to exceed our client’s high expectations. By working closely with our clients through each stage of the architectural process, we are able to build our client’s dream project together. From design to implementation, we are devoted to seeing every architectural detail through, until our clients are amazed with their project. We have spent the last 40 years providing South Florida residential homes and small scale commercial projects dependability in design. Our co-founder, president, and Fort Lauderdale native, Bill Storrs, is personally involved in each and every design. Our dedicated staff has been working with Bill for over 35 years and provides the support needed to produce excellence. Storrs Architect P.A. was built on the foundation of integrity and passion, and we ensure that same integrity and passion is carried out in each and every design.

By focusing on traditional and classical styles, we design timeless projects our clients enjoy for their lifetime. Storrs Architect P.A.’s emphasis on timeless design was passed down from Bill Storr’s father, George D. Storrs, Jr. Bill’s vision for his client’s home, historical renovation, or small commercial building, is to withstand the test of time. At Storrs, we aim to create something of permanence to be loved and appreciated for many years and generations to come.

Storrs Architects PA. has received numerous Fort Lauderdale Community Appearance Awards for “Outstanding Achievement in Urban Environmental Design.” The Fort Lauderdale Community Appearance Awards recognize the most outstanding new construction and renovation projects in the city for exterior beauty, style, design and landscaping. At Storrs, we aim to exemplify the beauty of South Florida. We love bringing once in a lifetime projects to life for clients, and that is our true reward. We take pride in our architecture firm being community based and driven.

Bill Storrs
Our Founder

William "Bill" Storrs

A Fort Lauderdale native, Bill Storrs never imagined himself as a second generation architect. However, after graduating from the University of Florida in 1983 with a Master of Arts in Architecture, Bill joined his father, George D. Storrs, Jr., Architect. Bill and his father then founded Storrs Architect P.A. in 1987. Bill prides himself on the 40 plus years of expertise in architecture he has been able to provide to his South Florida clients and works tirelessly to bring every client’s dream project to reality. Bill continues the work that his father began almost 40 years prior, building the framework of every design with integrity and honesty. Bill is personally involved in the entire process of designing and implementation of the plans, starting with the initial consultation, preliminary design sketches, the construction documents, permitting process through the completion of the construction process.

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